[TxMt] three small feature requests

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Dec 31 12:32:35 UTC 2004

On Dec 31, 2004, at 8:32, Eric Hsu wrote:

>> hmm... so undo should fall through to the main window? currently I
>> could do that, but if I introduce a multi-line mode for the
>> find/replace strings it would probably be natural for these to also
>> have undo/redo, which would then clash!?!
> That's true too; it would be great to someday have undo in the 
> textbox. And maybe even commands! :)

Ah, sorry about that -- there's a bug in Interface Builder which 
basically disables the undo option each time I touch the text view :/

> Maybe instead of my suggestion there could be a little button on the 
> Find/Replace box that says Undo Last Replace?

Yes, that's not a bad idea. I'll probably soon merge the Find and Find 
in Project and for the latter an 'undo' might also be useful.

I'm thinking that the 'matches' list view is simply foldable (together 
with some arbitrary source options) and the default state of this 
(folded or not folded) depends on whether one uses cmd-F or shift-cmd-F 
to open the window. Personally I like to have them as separate windows 
mainly because it means the normal find window is much simpler -- but 
combined them could allow for e.g. showing all matches in a regular 
find. And this may also allow for some re-arrangement of buttons. 
Currently I don't think there really is room for an 'undo last replace' 
button in the find window (but feel free to send a mockup ;) ).

> 2. PDF
> Webkit already gives you PDF viewing for free, if you have Schubert's 
> PDF Plugin (doesn't everyone?) For instance, you can enter in the url 
> of a PDF file in TM's web preview and view PDFs right now. I just need 
> a way to tell TM to show a PDF in the web preview.

Ah, I didn't consider that -- in that case you can set the command 
output to HTML (when I add this option) and have the HTML do a 
meta-refresh to point to the PDF file instead.

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