[TxMt] Undo should accumulate contiguous input

Lang Riley lang at langriley.com
Thu Dec 30 23:14:03 UTC 2004

imo, if you copied and pasted the text in one shot then you should get 
the behavior you describe, but typing individual letters are each 
atomic actions that should be undone one at a time, as per textmate 

On Dec 30, 2004, at 2:50 PM, David Tolpin wrote:

> Hi,
> a common practice is to let Undo undo all characters entered during 
> last stroke (that is, not interrupted by movements or other operations 
> (find/replace/search) at once. That is, If I type a few words, then 
> press Option-Z, I expect all the words to disappear, not one letter at 
> a time. This is the way undo works in most environments, including 
> emacs, vi, TextEdit, AppleWorks, sam, acme, Word ...
> David
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