[TxMt] Help with LaTeX-build command

Ivar Åsell ivar at enskede.net
Thu Dec 30 11:14:54 UTC 2004


I would like to be able to do this in TM

1. select a .tex-file
2. run a macro that
2.1 selects all text
2.2 runs that text through a "tex-compiler" wich listens to stdin
2.3 pipe the results from the "tex-compiler" to the preview-app (can 
this too listen to stdin?) which show me a nice pdf

And if I like the results I can save the .tex-file otherwise not.
The main point here is that I which to see the pdf without having to 
save my .tex-file.

Would someone help me with this?
I have an idea on how this is supposed to be done...

1. record a macro (alt-cmd-m)
2. select all text (cmd-a)
3. filter through command (shift-alt-r)
3.1 input: selection
3.2 output: ? discard?
3.3 command:  ??? something like "<build pdf> | open -a 

I just read that "open" cannot read from stdin so I guess it has to be 
some other way around.
Please, I'm really lousy at this stuff.
Help would be much appreciated!

Kindest Regards

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