[TxMt] find settings

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Thu Dec 30 00:41:37 UTC 2004

>> I would prefer Regular expressions to stick (since I use them almost 
>> always, in fact); and in the rare case when the search string has 
>> come from another program, to switch it off manually.
> I won't make it sticky, but I'll add to the to-do that it should only 
> clear when the string has changed from the last session. Expect it in 
> 1.1b1 (which I do think I can promise will be before the new year) or 
> 1.1b2.

When TextMate is running, I still can use Find in another program, such 
as Mail or Safari. In which case Regular Expression remains selected, 
but the string is not what was entered. I believe that the right 
behavior is to keep the setting for Regular Expressions. Alternatively, 
a consistent approach would be to drop it every time the clipbroad gets 
a new value not from the manual input with RE set.

So, the current behavior of TextMate is almost what I want (and does 
not cope well with the idea that literal find should switch RE off) 
except for one case -- when I restart TextMate. Fixing it to never keep 
RE or to always keep RE makes it consistent, and the former makes it 
less convenient for me.

What about Command-Option-F /Command-Option-G for regular expression 
search/replace; not interacting with Find clipboard, and just 
Option-F/Option-G for literal search/replace?

David Tolpin

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