[TxMt] .htaccess again

Lars Pind lars at pinds.com
Wed Dec 29 23:25:41 UTC 2004

I had the usual problem with .htaccess not showing up. And even if I'd 
add it manually ("Add existing files..."), it would disappear next time 
I switched back to TextMate.

I was tinkering and tinkering with the file pattern in the preferences 
pane, but nothing I did seemed to have any effect.

Then I opened the .tmproj file with an editor, and saw that it had some 
different file patters inside it, probably left over from the old days, 
and those were (a) overriding what was set in my preferences pane, and 
(b) no longer available to be edited through the UI (or at least I 
didn't find them until now, when I decided to post this). I changed 
them to reflect the file pattern I wanted. (I also tried deleting them, 
but that didn't seem to help.)

So other people experiencing this problem, that's something to look for.

Question for Allan: Is this on purpose? It seems very confusing that 
there's a preferences pane setting that doesn't have any effect. Also, 
the "Show information" menu item only seems to be available for "top 
level" items, i.e. folders that have been manually added. It would be 
nice with some info on the prefs pane saying what these will or will 
not affect, i.e. only new directories added, or some such.



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