[TxMt] multiple folding Markers?

Phil Lawrence phil at five-lawrences.com
Thu Dec 23 18:31:13 UTC 2004

I'd like to make a bundle with PL/SQL syntax (didn't look like anyone 
did that yet), but I don't see how to specify pairs of folding markers. 
  Here's an example of what's wrong:

PropertyList-Old.plist has these lines:
     foldingStartMarker = "(\\{|\\()";
     foldingStopMarker = "(\\}|\\))";

But what causes folds on bad blocks like this:
     {  # curly brace
     )  # parenthesis

I'd like to do blocks like these:
   IS -> END;
   IF -> END IF;
   (  -> )


Possible?  I see "pairs" of other things are being handled 
(e.g.highlightPairs), perhaps we could do this too!


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