[TxMt] Macro Recording with Search?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Dec 23 09:03:03 UTC 2004

On Dec 23, 2004, at 1:15, David Wooten wrote:

> I've been experimenting a little with the macro recording feature, and 
> one thing I'd find rather useful would be to include a search in it. 
> Is this not yet possible?

That is possible. You can either use the find next/previous actions to 
find what's on the find clipboard (when the macro is replayed), or you 
can use the find window to find a specific string (with specific find 
options), which is then independent of the contents of the find 
clipboard, when the macro is replayed.

> The idea is that one would search for the next instance of a certain 
> word, and then base the rest of the macro off of the location of that 
> word. This is good, for example, for reformatting bbl (bibtex) files 
> in ways that are not supported natively.

When I need a macro which 'starts' its action after a certain string, I 
often have the last action in the macro do the find. That way, I can 
replay the macro repeatedly, until I hear a beep, which indicates that 
there are no more blocks of text that needs to be worked upon (i.e. the 
last find of the last macro replayed fails).

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