[TxMt] Ruby (Un)Comment command

William D. Neumann wneumann at cs.unm.edu
Wed Dec 22 19:15:13 UTC 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Chris Thomas wrote:

> If Ruby 1.8 isn't installed in /usr/bin, you'll need to specify the full path 
> to it. Ruby's default install location is /usr/local, so I'd guess that you 
> need:
> /usr/local/bin/ruby -s ...

OK, that fixed the first problem... The ruby in /usr/bin was v1.6.8, and 
TextMate was using that version instead of the 1.8.1 installed via 
Fink.  However, now that I'm using  the correct version, I'm having new, 
exciting issues...

invalid regular expression; there's no previous pattern, to which '*' 
would define cardinality at 6: /^\s*(*(.*)*)/ (RegexpError)

Im guessing that this problem is stemming from the OCaml comment 
delimiters being "(*" and "*)", which seem to be messing up the regexp 
created in line 24 of the script.  I'm guessing that they're not being 
escaped when comment_expr is created, however, escaping them up when 
they're defined in line 16 (either manually or via Regexp.escape) wraps 
the block with escaped delimiters "\(\*" and "\*\)" -- this also breaks 

Any Ruby speakers have a fix for this?

William D. Neumann


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