[TxMt] for perl development

M Spreij nemo at mechintosh.com
Mon Dec 20 20:24:20 UTC 2004

Noah M.Daniels wrote:
>>> [...] there are a couple of things still missing, IMHO.
>> I'm only aware of a single item [1] that kept 1.0.2 from being my 
>> final release -- I apologize for this obvious negligence, but as a tea 
>> drinker I am heavily biased toward letting it make tea before it can 
>> make coffee ;)
> So a full-fledged Turkish coffee isn't likely until 2.0?

I'll have you know the menu panel data entry system of Starbucks for the 
United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East is programmed using TextMate 
now :-D

Starbucks Turkey uses that system as well, and they have added a custom 
   türk kahvesi
   Starbucks'ın geleneksel türk kahvesi sunumu

(translations welcome, but I *think* it means Turkish Coffee)

So, in a way, TextMate 1.0.2 is working on it..



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