[TxMt] for perl development

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Dec 20 13:55:20 UTC 2004

On Dec 19, 2004, at 18:32, Noah M.Daniels wrote:

> [...] there are a couple of things still missing, IMHO.

I'm only aware of a single item [1] that kept 1.0.2 from being my final 
release -- I apologize for this obvious negligence, but as a tea 
drinker I am heavily biased toward letting it make tea before it can 
make coffee ;)

> First, the Perl syntax bundle doesn't handle POD [...] it would be 
> ideal if it could do as good a job as BBEdit's syntax coloring for 
> Perl/POD.

Well... I never used BBEdit and I don't program in Perl -- but if there 
is anything limiting users in supporting various language constructs, 
I'd like to know about it (and I'm already aware of lack of recursion 
and back references in the end pattern (for heredocs) which I hope to 
have fixed for 1.1.1, along with some other improvements).

> Second, I do miss BBEdit's integration of certain things in its script 
> menu [...] what I'm saying is that a few more built-ins would be nice 
> :)

As of such, there's nothing built-in, but there's a few default bundle 
items.  TextMate is a general purpose text editor, and for most of what 
you want as build-in, I'm certain the majority doesn't need it.

When I add actual language modes it'll be more appropriate to have the 
stuff you talk about as 'defaults' (because it's then limited to a 
mode), but when that happens, I'll rely on external language mode 
maintainers. I see my job as writing the editor, not as writing the 
customization files for each and every language out there ;)

> Finally, for the syntax bundles, the non-uniformity of color schemes 
> between bundles [...]

Yes, I've commented on this a few times before. In the future 
(currently scheduled for version 1.1.1) it will be possible to impose 
style (and behavior) for language elements w/o changing the syntax 
files (and apply it to multiple syntaxes). The keyword system is too 
simplistic for what I have in mind, but a GUI is a goal, even if it 
only expose half the functionality available by editing the files 


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