[TxMt] Soft wrap request

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Dec 17 07:19:17 UTC 2004

On Dec 16, 2004, at 18:29, Xavier Noria wrote:

>>> Please consider at some point changing the soft wrapping algorithm 
>>> so it indents to the same level as the first (non-space/tab) 
>>> character in the line. [...]
>> This is something I would really like as well.
> Just to throw another idea (Allan will choose priorities) one thing I 
> like very much in emacs is that it takes into account in text mode 
> whether the first character's a list item marker. [...]

That's very cool! I've had the indent-feature on the to-do for some 
time, but with this it goes from 'perhaps useful' to 'very cool', and 
that's a sure priority booster ;)

I'm thinking this should just be a language specific regex which 
decides what should be skipped, so e.g. for sources it could be 
comments etc.

On the topic of syntax files let me just follow up on two issues.

Kumar: I very much intend that various 'settings' (such as the 
increase-indent pattern) reflect the current (potentially included) 
syntax (element). As previously mentioned, settings will be much more 
fine grained, so e.g. ' can be a smart typing character inside tags in 
HTML, but not outside, spell checking can be enabled for comments and 
strings in C++ but not for code etc., and the various patterns (folding 
markers, increase indent etc.) will just follow the same 
hierarchical/cascading system.

And Eric: I'll check out VIM's syntax files. Somehow I just expected 
emacs and vim to use actual code for their syntax modes, and never 
bothered to look at them ;)

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