[TxMt] Yummy FTP

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Wed Dec 15 23:08:22 UTC 2004

In article <809FD7DC-2C71-11D9-8B82-000A95D4B654 at rgbdesignstudio.com>,
 Eric Curtis 
 <ecurtis at rgbdesignstudio.com> wrote:

> After reading peoples comments about ftp programs last week I tried 
> yummy ftp and I am very close to buying it. I love that I can select a 
> remote file and hit cmd-B to open it in textmate. Is this the killer 
> feature people where asking for?
> Does anyone else have reviews for this product?

Many graphical ftp clients will allow you to edit a file on a remote 
system using the editor of your choice -- a fact that suggests that 
ftp/sftp support in an editor is not very important.

My personal favorite ftp client is Fetch, but that does not support 
sftp, so I tried out Yummy FTP and bought it. I feel it is less mature 
than Fetch, but reasonably well designed and shows great promise. Also, 
I was impressed with the support. However, the main reason I bought it 
was VMS support (not something likely to matter to most of you, but if 
it does, there aren't many options). 

I've run into a few snags, including a crash in 1.0.4 using edit mode, 
but that's fixed in the current 1.0.5 betas, and 1.0.5 should be 
released any time now.

-- Russell

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