[TxMt] New Wiki

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Tue Dec 14 16:07:11 UTC 2004

On Dec 14, 2004, at 16:54, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

>> I haven't imported the textile pages into PmWiki, since they'd have 
>> to be converted, and I'm not sure how easy I can automate this 
>> process.
> That *blasphemy* coming from the creator of the missing editor for OS 
> X which should be able to automate any task dealing with text! ;-)


> But seriously, just make it available and if people want to edit it, 
> they can import the old version, rewrite it a bit and insert it in the 
> new wiki. And if it's not important, it's not imported :)

I'm glad you're taking this attitude! :)

And actually, something good may come out of this. I've made a Bundles 
page where each bundle should have its own sub-page following the 
template that I've put up as Bundles/Example, using this template 
should allow me to do automated extraction of bundles for inclusion 
with new versions and/or the system requested similar to QuickSilver 

So everyone who has a bundle and wish to make it public, please spend a 
few minutes using the template I've supplied. I can also allow upload 
to the wiki, so people don't have to host their bundles themselves -- 
I'll enable this in a moment -- and feedback to the template is welcome 
but should preferably be sent sooner rather than later ;)

I'm still playing with the wiki to get a feel for the capabilities, so 
there'll probably be a lot of changes during the next few hours... ;)

I've also done a dedicated Users page. Generally I'm trying to make it 
more hierarchical than the previous wiki. Also splitting up requests 
(which I named suggestions ;) ) into GUI, project management, and 
actual text editing.

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