[TxMt] Two Issues

Kjell Olsen kjell at station11.net
Sun Dec 12 04:50:02 UTC 2004

Here are two things I find obtrusive in TextMate, one of which is 
probably just me not finding the right function.

1.  I would like to see TextMate windows not going off the screen when 
they are opened, or under the dock.  I use a pretty small screen 
(compared to lots of you) at 1024x768, and I like my windows to be full 
size (and not go under the dock).  Maximizing a TM window sizes it 
perfectly - but then opening a new window offsets both downward and to 
the right, resulting in a partially obscured window and a petty bug.

2. Is there a way to insert a template from a bundle somewhere into an 
empty file or into a file create outside of a project?  A menu item to 
let me insert the xhtml strict template would save me a lot of time, 
and seems like something that TM should have.

Anyone have any input on either of these little bothers?  Am I just 
completely missing something?  Thanks!


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