[TxMt] Mailing list rules

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sat Dec 11 10:15:29 UTC 2004

I'm resending this letter from the 3th of November just as a friendly 
reminder and for all those who have joined the list since the 
previously mentioned date.
There is really only one rule (apart from normal netiquette) I want you 
to uphold:

When you write a _new_ letter to this mailing list, _don't_ use “reply” 
on an existing letter (to get the To: filled in).

It screws up threading!!!

If you're using Mail.app, you can control-click the “To” of an existing 
letter and select “New Message” to get a compose window with the “To” 
header filled in.

Threading is a very useful feature, and especially for me with this 
mailing list, since it's basically an archive of user feedback, and I'd 
like for the table-of-contents to show _every_ thread, which it 
currently doesn't, when one thread contain 2-3 _different_ subjects, 
because people have used reply (then it only show the first subject).

So PLEASE remember _not_ to use reply (for new letters)!!!

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