[TxMt] file drawer glitches

Sam Andrews sam at samandrews.com
Fri Dec 10 15:48:57 UTC 2004

i'm using the latest version. possible solutions:

- i'm more than happy for there to be a refresh button on the drawer tools.

- can tm recall the last state of expanded folders? then if it collapses, i 
could hit some sort of "recall last folder state" button.

once again, much love for creating my favourite webmonkey tool so far!

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On Dec 10, 2004, at 14:41, Sam Andrews wrote:
>> a couple of glitches i've noticed:
>> - groups/folders sporadically collapse themselves
> Which version are you using? If too much changes outside TextMate then 
> it may lose the mapping between loaded/known folders and those on disk, 
> and will collapse them as a result (since it's basically just re-reading 
> the structure from disk) -- in v1.1 I may instead place hidden files in 
> the folders similar to .DS_Store files to keep info about various 
> states, though I'm not sure how well received this will be (though it'll 
> only be for when the state is different than the default state, so it 
> shouldn't spew out as many files as e.g. the Finder does when browsing a 
> network mounted drive).
>> - file list doesn't always live update - ie after a rename. doing a 
>> "show info" on a folder appears to fix this, but collapses the view.
> It only checks for changed files when you re-activate TextMate, but when 
> you do, it should find (and update) all changed files.
> I'm looking into using kqueue in the future for instant file updates.
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