[TxMt] FYI: beta 11 = 1.0.2

David Casal david at luminas.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 12:53:20 UTC 2004

On 9 Dec 2004, at 12:26, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> I just built beta 11. If there are no problems this will be released 
> later today as 1.0.2 which should be the last in the 1.0.x series, 
> meaning that I'll shift priorities a bit and focus on larger 
> improvements for the 1.1 release.

You're a Star!

> Basically it just means that having the 1.0.2 out as “official” with 
> most obvious fixes done, I'll be more comfortable rewriting major 
> parts of TextMate even if it means the source will be in a 
> non-functional state for a couple of days -- but I'll still release 
> betas as often as it makes sense, and I'm aware of the requests 
> expressed on this list.

Just out of curiosity, what framework are you using for source 
control/bug tracking? SVN/Bugzilla? Track?

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