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Chris Messina factoryjoe at factorycity.net
Thu Dec 9 10:07:25 UTC 2004

Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Dec 8, 2004, at 19:36, Chris Messina wrote:
>>> Added a dock menu with New, New Project, and Open….
>> [...] For instance, SEE has "New File" instead of "New". They also 
>> use "Open file..." instead of "Open.." IMHO, I think that SEE's 
>> wording/ellipses choices look better, but that may be familiarity 
>> talking.
> I used New and Open because that's what's in the File menu. Does SEE 
> also add the File suffix to these choices? Or perhaps the logic is to 
> add them for the Dock menu because the “File” menu-context is not 
> present!?!

I think, as you point out, the logic of adding the word "File" to the 
conceptually detached dock menu makes sense. Otherwise, you don't know 
what kind "New" you're creating.

Also, while we're discussing "New Files", it's always unnerved me that 
the default file name is "untitled.txt" instead of merely "untitled". I 
think that, again, like SEE, you should use "untitled". After all, the 
file could become anything and it's just uncomfortable to see a foreign 
file type chosen for you when there's no reason for it to there.

And finally, I really like SEE's mode menu (attached). I know, I know, 
you're saying, well why don't you just use SEE?!. Well, I like the speed 
and /feel/ of TextMate better than SEE (especially the option to turn 
off anti-aliasing). But I do think that the Coding Monkeys did do a good 
job in some areas--namely UI. Personally, I always forget where the 
syntax hilighting menu is located... I usually go to "Text" first and 
then hop over to "View", but honestly, it doesn't feel at home in either 
of those menus. Additionally, it can become just a long menu, that 
perhaps having a Mode menu item would make it not only 100% easier to 
find, but also easier to use.




Do the evolution. Get Firefox! 

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some days you are the statue."/— David Brent, Wernham Hogg

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