[TxMt] How about a "replay last used macro"?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Dec 9 02:36:05 UTC 2004

On Dec 8, 2004, at 23:15, Chris Brierley wrote:

> I love the scratch macro and the ability to replay it with a keyboard
> shortcut.  How about a "replay last used macro"?

Sounds similar to the "run last command" requested a few days ago ;)

> E.g., let's say I have a saved macro that I don't want to assign a
> keyboard shortcut to, but which I do want to use over and over again
> for a stretch in a document.  Right now I've got to pick it out from
> the menu each time.

Actually, you can do a (new) scratch macro where you only run the real 
macro -- so that's:
    Automation -> Start Macro Recording (option-cmd-M)
    Replay Macro -> Some macro
    Automation -> Stop Macro Recording (option-cmd-M)

And now you have shift-cmd-M as key equivalent for “some macro”. I know 
it's an initial two extra steps, but OTOH it's more general (e.g. also 
works with commands).

> Thoughts?

Not to keen about it currently. When I do real scripting I may add 
registers to access (and thus replay) last macro/command etc. so that 
this can be a user-extension for those who fancy it.

But I'll think some more about it... giving better access to commands 
and macros is something I would like (yes, I know about the drawer, 
palette, and toolbar suggestions, but I prefer a (more) keyboard 
friendly solution, like having a mini Quicksilver embedded in TM :) ).

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