[TxMt] Three requests

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Dec 8 23:18:22 UTC 2004

On Dec 8, 2004, at 16:22, profprof at mac.com wrote:

>>> Regarding reflowing indented paragraphs, you can make a column
>> selection and reformat, that'll restrain the text to inside the
>> left/right column of the selection. Using the indent for the first 
>> line may clash with people who do write with indent on the first line 
>> of each paragraph.
> I know that I can do that, but it is a bit annoying as it requires the 
> use of a mouse.

You can do column selections w/o the mouse. Simply press and release 
the option modifier to toggle the selection type.

> Maybe this could be an option, for people to chose what they prefer.

I'll consider what can be done. I would like to make it simpler to 
reflow indented paragraphs. I may be able to detect them, but maybe 
that'll end up seeming inconsistent.

> I am not sure that I could write such a macro. My skills are far below 
> yours, Allan.

Ah, but macros do not require you to write any code.

Try this (menu choices):
  Automation -> Start Macro Recording
  Edit -> Select -> Line
  Edit -> Cut
  Automation -> Stop Macro Recording

Now you have a macro that cuts the current line. You can then select:
  Automation -> Save Scratch Macro

Name it “Yank” and press ctrl-y while in the key equivalent field. Then 
you can use ctrl-y to cut the current line.

Remember that TextMate has clipboard history, so while this doesn't 
append to the kill buffer (as I think emacs do) you can still paste 
previous cuts by using Paste Previous.

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