[TxMt] cursor page up

Ryan Schmidt textmate-2004 at ryandesign.com
Sat Dec 4 18:20:36 UTC 2004

Apple HI behavior regarding this point is very deliberate (not lazy)  
and is clearly defined. Having used and written software for Macs since  
1990 I can assure you of this.

Pressing page-up scrolls up one window-full without moving the  
insertion point. Similarly for page-down. Home scrolls to the very top,  
without moving the insertion point. Similarly for End. (In 1.0.2b8 Home  
and End behave wrong.)

The relevant documentation (which also lists many other standard  
keyboard navigation shortcuts to do the other things you want to do) is  


On 4. Dez 2004, at 01:50, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Dec 3, 2004, at 14:33, M Spreij wrote:
>> Is there a way left to move the cursor to the top of the window?  
>> Pageup used to do this, and while I understand that it's not HIG or  
>> like other apps do it
> I haven't found any mention of this in AHIG myself -- I'm quite sure  
> that the reason Apple's native text fields does it is laziness. They  
> center the caret in the display each time it gets out of the visible  
> region, so (move) page up/down simply moves the caret “visible lines”  
> up/down.
> Another place where this is IMHO a bigger disadvantage is how when the  
> caret just goes a single line outside the visible text, the buffer  
> scrolls half a page. Luckily no-one has complained that TM also break  
> this behavior ;)
> Regarding reinstating the old behavior, you can change the action  
> methods for the page up/down keys to movePageUp: and movePageDown:.
> So there's basically 3 behaviors:
>  movePageUp/Down:   -- old behavior
>  scrollPageUp/Down: -- move only scroll bar, not caret
>  pageUp/Down:       -- move caret a full page and center it

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