[TxMt] Features req: a webkit output window

Dominique Peretti dperetti at lachoseinteractive.com
Sat Dec 4 03:19:23 UTC 2004

On 4 déc. 04, at 02:34, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On Dec 3, 2004, at 2:41, Dominique Peretti wrote:
>> I wish I could format the output of TM's commands in html, and make  
>> html links able to launch other TextMate commands !
> Adding webkit as the output for commands is certainly possible. But  
> I'm not sure how links should communicate with TextMate.
> What I can do is introduce a custom URL scheme, like “txmt://” --  
> *but* this would be a global new URL scheme and open to browser  
> exploits similar to the help:// and telnet:// proof-of-concept  
> exploits half a year ago.
> I'll have to check the webkit documentation for how easy it is to add  
> a local URL scheme just for the instance I use in TM.
> Although having a “global” scheme does have the advantage that e.g. a  
> wiki could have a special txmt:// link to edit the page in TextMate ;)

I don't mind having a txmt:// custom url sheme ! Textmate wouldn't be  
the first application to have his, and I think everybody would agree  
Textmate deserves one !

The other possibility, according to what I read here :
would be to implement webView:createWebViewWithRequest in order to  
intercept the url, parse it and check for some convention that would  
correspond to custom actions in textmate.

>> I wish this window could be an interactive one, in Textmate. Thus I  
>> could jump directly to the error by clicking a link, etc...
> Ah, now I see why you've been requesting the --line for the (fictive)  
> tm utility (if that was you!?!).

Wow! I'm impressed ! ;-)

Dominique PERETTI

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