[TxMt] Open .pdf partner of pdflatex file + results window question

David Wooten wooten at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 2 20:18:20 UTC 2004

Greetings folks,
recent $'er for this great editor. Longtime vi user, but always wishing 
for a highly configurable editor that was more os x-integrated.

Couple questions/suggestions:

Any way to make a Command which can work with the $TM_FILEPATH variable 
-- except with a .pdf extension? This is good really only for opening 
the .pdf file in e.g. TeXniscope for the first time. …or another 

Also -- after running a little pdflatex Command on a file, I'm finding 
that there's no really optimal output method. I'm often working on a 
12", so a full window devoted to the results (which I generally only 
need to see if there's an error) is a little bulky, especially as the 
focus moves to the said new window. The tooltip output looks promising 
(it disappears at the touch of a key), but it seems to appear with the 
top left corner at the cursor -- which often leaves the bulk of the 
window off the screen.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for TextMate!

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