[TxMt] fugu; new beta!

Paul Nordstrom August paul at archivistes.com
Wed Dec 1 10:01:37 UTC 2004

Fugu with TextMate is fab; I'm using it now in preference to Cyberduck.

The new beta is amazing!

> Added incremental search. Press ctrl-s to open a text field on top of 
> the status bar. When you enter something in this text field it will 
> immediately try to find it in the text. Press escape, tab, return, or 
> enter when you're done. The search is case sensitive if the string 
> entered is in mixed case, otherwise it's case insensitive. The search 
> will wrap around, and it will start from the caret. It's a forward 
> search, use ctrl-S to make it a backwards search. While the text field 
> is up, you can press ctrl-s to go to the next match or ctrl-S for the 
> previous match.

cool! I can't believe how fast this is progressing... And the new Prefs!

cheers, Allan!

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