[TxMt Plugins] Manually specify Selection?

Ciarán Walsh ciawal at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 07:17:35 UTC 2007

On 22 Apr 2007, at 04:41, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 22. Apr 2007, at 00:05, Kirt Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> Does TextMate implement any method that would allow me to manually  
>> specify the selection?  Or am I limited to the  
>> "moveRightAndModifySelection" types of methods?  I'm willing to  
>> put up with any amount of complexity to implement this  
>> functionality if someone can point me in the right direction.
> You’re unfortunately limited to the *AndModifySelection methods.

I’m trying to move the caret from a plugin but:

*** -[OakTextView moveDown:]: selector not recognized [self =  

I tried a moveLeftAndModifySelection: too with the same result. Am I  
missing something?
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