[SVN] Patch for JS regex issue

Peter Michael Gerdes gerdes at invariant.org
Sun Jun 21 18:00:16 UTC 2009

So ECMAScript does allow a regex to start with /{ or /+ or even /} and  
only forbidding // /*.  The javascript language definition was not  
allowing this which caused highlighting problems with some code (for  
example the zotero source).

Attached is a super simple patch for Bundles/JavaScript.tmbundle/ 
Syntaxes/JavaScript.plist to fix the problem.  I'm attaching it as  
both as gzipped file and a straight diff


P.S. This is where the web page directed me to send this info but I'm  
not sure if that's right

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-- JavaScript.plist	(revision 11673)
+++ JavaScript.plist	(working copy)
@@ -636,7 +636,7 @@
-			<string>(?<=[=(:]|^|return)\s*(/)(?![/*+{}?])</string>
+			<string>(?<=[=(:]|^|return)\s*(/)(?![/*])</string>

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