[SVN] r11115 (Groovy Grails)

Luke Daley ld at ldaley.com
Sat Jan 17 03:05:37 UTC 2009

• Snippet for the ‘message’ GSP tag (and direct call) - “msg”

If invoked in a HTML section, the tag will be used. If invoked in an embedded code section (i.e. ${}) the direct call variant will be used.

(thanks yichao zeaster)

A   trunk/Bundles/Groovy Grails.tmbundle/Snippets/<g:message>.tmSnippet
A   trunk/Bundles/Groovy Grails.tmbundle/Snippets/g_message().tmSnippet
U   trunk/Bundles/Groovy Grails.tmbundle/info.plist

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