[SVN] r11094 (Wikidot)

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 02:17:21 UTC 2009

+ plist                      | reorganized menu struture
+ Snippets/Reference <ref>...| renamed to remove trailing 'copy'
+ Snippets/h1 h2 h3 h4 & h5  | now gives correct default contents
+ Show Heading in list       | renamed to "Symbol list", re-scoped so it shows headings

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Commands/h2.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Commands/h3.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Commands/h4.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Commands/h5.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Preferences/Show Heading in list.tmPreferences
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/Snippets/Reference <ref>Author (year)___<:ref> copy.tmSnippet
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Wikidot.tmbundle/info.plist

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