[SVN] r11321 (Objective-C)

Ciarán Walsh ciawal at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 15:55:26 UTC 2009

Added a command to paste a copied interface into a @selector(…), bound to ⌃⇧V to match the paste interface/implementation command.

E.g. with “- (BOOL)doSomethingWith:(NSString*)something andWith:(id)somethingElse;” on the clipboard, pasting with ⌃⇧V into a @selector(…) will result in @selector(doSomethingWith:andWith:)

A   trunk/Bundles/Objective-C.tmbundle/Commands/Paste selector.tmCommand
U   trunk/Bundles/Objective-C.tmbundle/info.plist

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