[SVN] Re: Ruby 1.9 Changes for TextMate Pastie Support...

James Gray james at grayproductions.net
Mon Sep 8 21:29:51 UTC 2008

On Sep 3, 2008, at 12:36 PM, Charles Turner wrote:

> Really was flummoxed yesterday when I couldn't figure out how to use
> the Pastie support in TextMate. Of course, turns out it was a Ruby 1.9
> issue for me, but it was dying quietly instead of throwing an error.

Thanks for looking into these issues.

> I'm posting links to the Pastie, which has diffs (correctly made  
> with svn!) for discussion.

Please do your svn diffs from the root directory of your TextMate  
checkout.  I had to hunt around to figure out which files these  
applied to.

> Not mentioned here is the need for a 1.9 compatible plist.bundle,  
> which
> currently doesn't exist in svn.
> <http://pastie.textmate.org/private/eqgfrvfjtjj5vnxfvbtog>

I've committed a fix for this.  I stuck with our standard call lines()  
if available strategy though, instead of using split().

> <http://pastie.textmate.org/private/xlrtutgtw1jyxu1zbbponw>

I've committed all of this except for the shebang line changes.  Again  
I stick with lines() over split().

I've told you before and I'm telling you again, dropping our 1.8  
encoding support is not going to happen.  We welcome your help to work  
through these issues, but ripping out things we need on 1.8, like -KU,  
just wastes our time.  I have to undo it to apply your changes.   
Please be more helpful than that.

> <http://pastie.textmate.org/private/al1rhnhshdrznciuehhg>

I rejected this patch because it is not an equivalent change:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU

require "jcode"

s = "Résumé"
s.jlength  # => 6
s.length   # => 8


Again, we're going to need to find a proper 1.9 encoding strategy and  
use that to address these issues.

James Edward Gray II

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