[SVN] r10822 (GetBundles)

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Tue Nov 18 12:40:20 UTC 2008

• change routine for installing bundles from github.com:
 - now it uses tar archives due to the fact that 'unzip' doesn't support utf-8 filenames
• fixed the issue to cancel an installation process
 - GetBundles ONLY ignores the installation of bundles if the an other installation is running
• the last modified date of default bundles in SharedResources is set to the creation date of the TextMate file in MacOSX
 - no other way found
• to cancel the refreshing process of local bundles is not allowed
 - it could happen if the user presses ESC very often while double-clicking into the table that GetBundles freezes
• changed the output of an error message for no svn client found

todo: further checks of "wild" user interactions are needed; up to now GetBundles interacts stable and allows at least to close the window or to reload the bundle list

comment: due to the fact that the update status of the “Support Folder” is always checked against the svn trunk on textmate.org – and this takes some msec –, GetBundles will update the “Support Folder” if the user installs a bundle JUST after appearing.

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/GetBundles.tmbundle/Support/getBundles.rb

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