[SVN] r9602 (Flex)

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Sat May 17 23:10:40 UTC 2008

• Changing the validate command to the common key combination.
• Redefining script scope in language definition.
• Commenting out references to flex builder files in the create project template.
• Updated review comments.  

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Flex.tmbundle/Commands/Validate MXML.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Flex.tmbundle/Comments.mdown
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Flex.tmbundle/Syntaxes/MXML.tmLanguage
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Flex.tmbundle/Templates/Project - MXML.tmTemplate/_create_flex_project.sh

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