[SVN] Re: r10052 (Process.run() and redirection)

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Jun 26 03:45:33 UTC 2008

I didn’t look at the code in question, so maybe this was already ‘the  
fix’ or maybe it sometimes needs to tell the difference, but just  
leaving out the ‘type’ argument to the block passed to  
TextMate::Process.run() will interlave the two output and error  

On 26 Jun 2008, at 00:12, Luke Daley wrote:

> On 26/06/2008, at 5:31 AM, Alexander John Ross wrote:
>> TextMate::Process.run seems to ignore redirection of stderr
> Process.run() follows the same semantics as ruby exec()
>> If optional arguments, sequence of arg, are not given, that
> argument is taken as a line that is subject to shell expansion before
> being executed. If one or more arg given, they are passed as
> parameters to command with no shell expansion.
> http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9/classes/Kernel.html#M006067
> Redirecting err to out is a feature of the shell, so it's only going
> to work with the 'command as one string' variant.
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