[SVN] r9954

Alexander John Ross alex.j.ross at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 06:10:48 UTC 2008

• Adding htmloutput.rb, executor.rb.
  htmloutput.rb adds an API function to the TextMate namespace:
    TextMate::HTMLOutput.show(:title => nil, :sub_title => nil) do |io| «something» end
  This function outputs an html header and an footer, for use with commands that output to html windows.
  executor.rb adds an API function to the TextMate namespace as well:
    TextMate::Executor.run(executable, *special_args, filepath)
  can be called with or without a block.  Basically provides the functionality of the old scriptmate
  in a more convenient package.  See the file for more documentation.

• In save_current_document.rb, changed TM_ORG_* to TM_ORIG_*.

A   trunk/Support/lib/tm/executor.rb
A   trunk/Support/lib/tm/htmloutput.rb
U   trunk/Support/lib/tm/save_current_document.rb

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