[SVN] r9918 (Unicode)

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Mon Jun 16 10:50:01 UTC 2008

Insert Unicode Char via Name:
- SQLite under Tiger is very slow; tha's why I dismissed that idea using SQLite
- instead, the good old way: egrep cascade; it's faster and more manageable
- the search is now timed; as long as the user types something the search won't be started
- the output limit is set to 500
- CreateUnicodeNameTable is a helper function to built UnicodeNames.txt.zip with all Hangul syllables 

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Insert Unicode Character via Name….tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Support/bin/SearchUNInames.py
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Support/lib/UnicodeNames.txt.zip
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Support/lib/aux/CreateUnicodeNamesTable.py

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