[SVN] r9874 (Unicode)

bibiko at eva.mpg.de bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Jun 6 08:17:41 UTC 2008

Rearrangement of Hankaku <> Zenkaku:
- Halfwidth <> Fullwidth conversion is not Japanese specific. That's why these commands were renamed and rearranged.
- both scripts are unified into one single script in /bin; direction is given via argument

- mapping for Hangul was added
- mapping for normal space and Ideograph space was added

Show Ref Glyph was renamed, to indicate that's possible to display more than one image

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Hankaku > Zenkaku.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Show Reference Glyph as Image.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Zenkaku > Hankaku.tmCommand
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Support/bin/FullHalfWidthConverter.py
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Support/lib/HanZenKaku.txt
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/info.plist

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