[SVN] r9825 (Unicode)

bibiko at eva.mpg.de bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Sun Jun 1 21:38:04 UTC 2008

- simplified some code fragments
- added Show Unicode properties prototype
- if no sel Show Unicode Name(s) shows info of the current char (left of caret)
- rearranged Bundle structure
- TODO: PROBLEM of characters which are specified > FFFF (TM crashes)

U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Convert to Greek Character….tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Insert Character with Diacritics.tmCommand
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Show Document in HTML window.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Show Unicode Names.tmCommand
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/Commands/Show Unicode Properties.tmCommand
U   trunk/Review/Bundles/Unicode.tmbundle/info.plist

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