[SVN] r8905 (Apache)

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Sun Feb 17 20:13:12 UTC 2008

> Please do NOT change UUID’s, it will cause problems with the delta  
> system and just shouldn’t be necessary.

After my (admittedly rather unconventional) revert of the bundles  
items that we lost history on last week I found that the language file  
wasn't recognised at all - a "Flushing Cache and Reload" didn't work,  
and neither did a Quit and restart. As changing the UUID did I thought  
it better to have a working bundle over one that wasn't.... I've now  
found that the bundle info.plist file has a "deleted items" array and  
that the original uuid to the language file was in there.

Although Michael has reverted and branched the bundle I'd recommend  
that revision 8904 with it's info.plist file modified  - removing the  
line 22:


be used as this should give us the the original commands, prefs etc  
with the correct UUID's and file histories. The bundle as it stands in  
TRUNK isn't in a state that should be distributed as it contains  
duplicated commands.


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