[SVN] Re: linked_ri.rb: Changes for Ruby 1.9

James Gray james at grayproductions.net
Thu Aug 28 20:13:21 UTC 2008

On Aug 28, 2008, at 1:35 PM, Charles Turner wrote:

> This diff file shows the patches I made to get the Ruby bundle support
> file linked_ri.rb to work with ruby 1.9.0 (2007-12-25 revision 14709)
> [i686-darwin9.4.0]

You can't call each_with_index() without a block on Ruby 1.8.

> No attempt to make this code work on previous versions of Ruby.

This is the main issue with most of these patches.  We just can't ship  
Ruby code in TextMate that doesn't run on Ruby 1.8.  It has to work  
there first and support 1.9 as a bonus.

I hope that makes sense.

James Edward Gray II

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