[SVN] r8152 (PHP Cake)

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Wed Sep 12 08:06:09 UTC 2007

On Sep 12, 2007, at 8:04 AM, Michael Sheets wrote:

> Comments on this bundle for review.

Contents of commit for discussion:

# PHP Cake Bundle Comments – Infininight (msheets)

- No reason to duplicate the paste online feature, should be removed  
in favor of the one in the Textmate bundle.
- Lookup in API's key equivalent isn't correct, ideally documentation  
is ⌃H but that would override the main PHP one, so try ⌃⌥H.
- A few snippets still have the trigger in parens, no longer needed.
- Snippet scopes are too loose, many being active in any HTML file.  
Seems this was a known issue as the snippet triggers seem designed to  
be hard to type by accident? Will get to scope issues later…
- echo snippet has an unescaped stray $ (Ditto with debug snippet).
- Many of the snippets end with $0, this is the default so not  
needed. Not hurting anything, just fyi.
- Seems to be a couple stray, unorganized items at the bottom of the  
- Admin_index.thtml snippet should perhaps be a template?
- Grammar claims the 'thtml' extension, probably a bit presumptuous  
as other languages use thtml as well.
- Need to copy the foldingStartMarker/foldingStopMarker verbatim from  
the HTML grammar, much better that the ones present now.

### Grammar Issues

The grammar seems pretty broken, other than giving the file the  
incorrect scope of source.php.cake it can't match anything because  
where all the rules would be your already in PHP mode and the rules  
are no longer active…

This is really an issue with the design of the PHP/HTML grammars that  
I'm hoping to rectify soon. For now the best you can do is basically  
a grammar that gives a scope of "text.html.php.cake" and then just  
includes the grammar "text.html". Since it includes the PHP grammar  
that's all you need.

This also gives a unique scope for all the snippets and such to  
target. Either "text.html.php.cake" or "text.html.php.cake  
source.php". Later on we can reintroduce the highlighting of the  
specific functions and such.

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