[SVN] r7534 (ActionScript 3)

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Sun Nov 4 17:40:05 UTC 2007

> what's the idea of as3_libs_checkout.sh?
> Doesn't really matter, don't know why I'm mailing this, but should  
> a Bundle really encourage me to use specific libs & frameworks. I  
> might be wrong!?

I missed this back in June. However I've just found the mail and I  
think it's valid so I've removed the functionality from the bundle on  
the basis that it's too personal.

> If working with others and using "under dev." libs on a project,  
> I'd recomend setting that lib as an svn:external (pref. using a  
> specific revision).

Yes, I agree with this, in fact that's exactly what we're doing on  
our current project ;)


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