[SVN] r6408 (CSS)

Thomas Aylott oblivious at subtleGradient.com
Wed Dec 27 22:49:19 UTC 2006

CodeCompletion for CSS, using the existing completions list. But renamed all the pref plists to tmPreferences, just because Allan isn't here to stop me. hahaha!

A   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/Commands/CodeCompletion CSS.tmCommand
D   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/Preferences/Completions.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/Preferences/Completions.tmPreferences
D   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/Preferences/Symbol list.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/Preferences/Symbol list.tmPreferences
U   trunk/Bundles/CSS.tmbundle/info.plist

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