[SVN] r6323

Alexander John Ross alex.j.ross at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 03:08:15 UTC 2006

• Adding tm_helpers.py, a collection of python routines and classes for writing Textmate command.
• Adding plistlib.py (from python 2.5).  This module is superior to the version of plislib included with Python2.3.  When Leopard arrives, we will drop this module in favor of PyObjC.  Also, don't use plistlib directly.  Use tm_helpers.to_plist, and tm_helpers.from_plist (it will be easier to switch out plistlib later on).
• dialog.py now uses tm_helpers.py.

U   trunk/Support/lib/dialog.py
A   trunk/Support/lib/plistlib.py
A   trunk/Support/lib/tm_helpers.py

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