[SVN] Revision 1682 (HTML)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sat Sep 3 10:05:34 UTC 2005

• fixed attribute markup in HTML tags (wouldn't work when the attribute was preceded by a non-space, e.g. a tab).
• renmaed Img short to just Img.
• added snippet to embed a QT movie -- it inserts both <object> and <embed>. I don't know if <object> is necessary.

A   trunk/Bundles/HTML.tmbundle/Snippets/Embed QT movie (movie).plist
U   trunk/Bundles/HTML.tmbundle/Snippets/XHTML <img> short.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/HTML.tmbundle/Syntaxes/HTML.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/HTML.tmbundle/info.plist

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