[SVN] r2327 (Text, TextMate)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Mon Nov 28 10:07:25 UTC 2005

• moved to TextMate bundle, which I think is a better place for this

D   trunk/Bundles/Text.tmbundle/Commands/Insert Scratch Snippet.plist
D   trunk/Bundles/Text.tmbundle/Commands/Record Scratch Snippet.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/Text.tmbundle/info.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/TextMate.tmbundle/Commands/Insert Scratch Snippet.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/TextMate.tmbundle/Commands/Record Scratch Snippet.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/TextMate.tmbundle/info.plist

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