[SVN] Syntax highlighting: slash-continuation of lines?

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Mon Jan 24 05:05:07 UTC 2005

The C preprocessor supports the concept of using backslash to continue 
a line:

// comment \
second line of comment

#define Macro \
         do {  /*second line of macro*/ \
             int x = 0; /*third line of macro*/\
         while (0); /*nth line of macro*/

Is it possible to model this in a "match" regex? For example, 
"//((.*\\(\s*)\n).*)*|//(.*)$" works using the Find window, but 
"//((.*\\\\(\\s*)\\n).*)*|//(.*)\$" does not work for matching in a 
syntax file. Is it impossible to match across lines with a "match"?


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