[SVN] Beta release this friday

Brian Lalor blalor at bravo5.org
Fri Jan 21 01:23:55 UTC 2005

On Jan 20, 2005, at 10:30 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Btw: for the java templates, the awk and shell scripts are both in the 
> Templates folder and in the folder for the class template. I take it I 
> can just remove the latter?

Done. :-)  Sorry for the cruft.

>> Allan, do you intend to tag the bundles when you do the release?
> Tag? hmm... ehm... yes! that was exactly what I was planning to do! ;)

I just picked up a copy of "Practical Subversion"; excellent read. :-)  
I love it when tools work like they're supposed to.  Like TextMate!

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